What people are saying

I had done enough business by end of Thursday that the rest of the show was gravy. Christopher always goes 100% on anything he does. Jaye too.

Dillon Kraft

I would like to congratulate our own Christopher Seuntjens for the success of the inaugural Christal Clear Coin Show in KC! I have set up at hundreds of shows over the years, this was my most successful show, and the most fun by far. The show was at the Harrah's Casino complex in KC, Wednesday night we were treated to a free steak dinner by a dealer friend at Gordon Ramsays Steakhouse inside Harrahs, it was awesome. Thursday evening Christopher had a free taco bar and poker tournament set up, Friday was a get together at Winning Streaks Sports bar ( also inside of Harrahs ), and Saturday was free pizza for dealers! Other than the fun part, there was a lot of fresh material at the show, lots of deals being made. Just a good time. The show contract has already been signed for next year.

Dean Sherrill

Chris had all the bases covered at this show. Just a couple miles from a major interstate. Hotel and convention center connected. Show hotel rates. Unload and load entrance away from the main entrance and near the bourse floor. Plenty of helpful show staff- Chris periodical stopped by dealers tables to see how they were doing. A page. Armed security when unloading and loading. Armed security for the show. Video surveillance. Image of everyone entering the show. Very nice dealer, VIP (that’s what he called Early Birds), and attendee badges. Show hours on the back of the badges. Treat bag waiting for dealers with a table. Nice signs showing what dealer was at the table. Covered backup tables to hide things away from view as needed. Well laid out bourse floor. Noon setup time to allow out of towners, which most were, time to be there when the show started. A designated show shuttle driver for those that needed one. Good mix throughout the show of dealer/VIP only and public hours. List of restaurants in the area that where in addition to the 2 insight options. A free taco night for dealers. There was also a poker tournament that night as well. An option to order a sandwich for lunch on Thursday and Friday. He had several pizzas delivered on Saturday and asked for donations to cover the cost- if you missed the donation bag, pls send Chris $ as the donation bag was short. And the list could go on …

Greg Allen